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what we were LISTENING to in 1997

One of the best parts of being around for 25 years is being able to look back and remember how much pop culture has changed, and in some ways, stayed the same. As we've celebrated our agency's "silver anniversary" this year, we've had lots of spirited fun arguing about 1997's best movie (Goodwill Hunting, obvs) and best TV show (Seinfeld, Friends and Frasier for the three-way tie.) But when it comes to music, there are just too many great tunes and related memories. We present to you now, a varied taste of 1997 from each of us. Enjoy our musical time machine, and rock on!

Molly - Classic song from one of the best boy bands ever (controversial, I know). I don’t know a single person from this time that didn’t know the dance or every word to the song. The music video with the haunted house and monster costumes is hysterical. You can’t go wrong with this song.

Jen - MMMBop by Hanson. Although I didn’t like the song back in ’97, now it’s one of my happy songs. Walking down the aisle at the grocery store or Monday morning school drop off, it just makes me smile. You can’t help but sing along.

One More from Jen - In ’97 I was obsessed with the local Denver band Brethren Fast. On weekends you would find me at Soapy Smith’s or Herman’s Hideaway groovin’ to tunes like Galaxie 500.

Denis - Last Cup of Sorrow by Faith No More. That cassette spent a good part of the year in my car stereo.

Wade - My favorite 1997 song was One Headlight by the Wallflowers. It was not a good year for rock music, but this was the best guitar-rock song that was released. 

Lisa - My favorite song in 1997 was 3:00AM by Matchbox Twenty – possibly because I had a crush on Rob Thomas.

Penne - I'll always remember 1997 by Good Riddance - Time of your LIfe by Green Day. I'd been a fan of the band since their punk roots, but I loved this stripped-down ballad. As a new mom at the time, it became one of the 1 AM lullabies I sang to my son. 

Bruce - Foo Fighters  - Everlong. I remember I was listening to that album a lot the summer when Princess Diana died - that was such a huge moment in 1997. 

Michelle - Hypnotize by Biggie Smalls reminds me of my days (and nights) in the clubs. 

Ann - If it Makes You Happy by Sheryl Crow... 1997 was a crazy transitional time in my life. And Sheryl Crow is a badass. 

Kat - I graduated high school in 1997, so just about every song feels memorable and meaningful. I especially remember belting this one out with friends as we drove around... I may still occasionally sing it in the shower. 

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