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Grand Lake, Colorado is at the headwaters of the Colorado River, and thus on the frontlines of water conservation and policy for the Western states. A grassroots group of several nonprofits there had a vision for an event that would not only celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Clean Water Act but also raise awareness about updated water legislation. 

The group approached S&D just five weeks out from their planned two-day event that promised dragon boat races, live music, community BBQ and beer garden, an art and science exhibit and film festival. 

the goaL -

BUILD EXCITEMENT and increase awareness

Building excitement about a multi-faceted, two-day destination event would be a challenge with months of planning, but we had just a little more than a month to get the word out. We needed quickly-implemented digital tactics and a strategy that held water.

Live Water Logo.png


We recommended the creation of an umbrella organization to provide cohesive communications and enable long-term continued outreach. We collaborated to create the "Live Water Alliance" that spoke to the combine mission of the consortium of interested parties.

In less than a week, we developed and built to highlight the mission, post the event schedule, and allow for volunteer sign-up and race registration. The partner groups then had one location to point interested parties to, and the site can continue to serve as the base for their future outreach. 

We quickly set up social media accounts for Live Water Alliance to promote the events, created a Facebook event listing and employed a low-cost Facebook ad spend to spread the news of the events as quickly as possible to Grand County and Front Range targets. We handled all posts for the group leading up to the event, building audiences and posted for them on the days-of the event to continue the excitement, engagement and reach of their cause. 

Our team created and distributed a content calendar and social media graphics that the all-volunteer groups and sponsors could easily share for added engagement and audience growth. 

We produced a branded poster/flyer for placement in Grand Lake businesses, and an email newsletter for the groups to send to their individual databases.

the results - a plan that held water

S&D was able to to build a solid foundation for Live Water Alliance, reach new audiences and garner attendance at the events of more than 300 visitors - who happily stayed to dance through afternoon thunderstorms even!


Engagement across all digital channels spiked over the two-day event as guests checked in, shared photos and tagged participating brands/sponsors. 

Live Water Engagement

“S&D rocks! You truly helped organize our marketing

efforts far beyond my expectations."

 - Kirsten Heckendorf

Co-Founder, Live Water Alliance

Ready to dive in to all things digital? 

We'd love to help. 

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