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Because marketing isn't just sales messages. Construction and upgrade notifications are important parts of how your business is perceived by current and future subscribers as well as the community as a whole. 


S&D has 25 years of efficient campaign and collateral management, including all types of outdoor and residential notifications for Comcast regions. Our current work means we can add additional regions to existing productions runs for overall cost savings and efficiencies. 

Here are a few of our current NOTIFICATION PRODUCTS;


Smart communications help build brand awareness while also keeping the areas you serve aware of the improvements you're making to the network. Consider adding your essential collateral pieces to the production runs at S&D and enjoy the efficiencies and cost-savings of larger orders.

“I love working with Comcast because I can be more than just a vendor. My experience means I can be a partner that understands their business needs and can help solve their problems. My goal is to be a team member that my clients can rely on.”

 - Michelle Casso

S&D Account Manager

Ready to experience the cost and production efficiencies that come with experience? 

Contact Michelle Casso for production schedules and pricing.

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