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When people think of "branding," it's the foundational elements they're usually referring to. Those visual identifiers that attract and remind your audience who - and why - you are. Messaging, storytelling, developing personas and tone is another part of the framework that helps your brand survive, thrive, and become part of a buyer's identity, too. 

Here's a look at some of our brand foundational work - whether for a completely new company or a well-established legacy brand, S&D will work with you to help build a sturdy foundation for your brand and your business.

NEW brand: summer scamper

Summer Scamper Logo

Colorado's High Line Canal Conservancy manages a unique resource: a 71-mile long linear park that meanders through the Front Range, providing a recreational pathway through 11 jurisdictions for millions of users on foot, bike, and even horseback. 

In 2023, the Conservancy imagined an entirely new event for the 100+ year old High Line Canal - an evening 5k to celebrate the summer solstice and bring the community together on the trail. 

The hand-drawn, organic look of the event logo is reflective of the natural elements and experiences people enjoy on the High Line Canal.

S&D assisted in their efforts by creating the name and logo for the event, which the Conservancy used in promotion, on t-shirts and banners, and even a carved wooden finishers' medal. The inaugural event included a kids' race, food and beer trucks, and a local band. Hundreds of people attended and the Conservancy was able to increase the visibility of the important work they do to preserve, protect, and enhance the High Line Canal. 

Summer Scamper Medal


After 25 years in business, this New Orleans-based company needed to freshen things up a bit. Their logo was outdated, and their marketing didn't accurately represent the approachable and trustworthy nature of their attorneys or speak to their target audiences of Realtors, lenders and home buyers. 

We led the True Title team through personal and messaging exercises, to distill their core brand and develop new mission and vision statements, and a new elevator pitch for employees. Keeping that messaging in mind, we developed their new logo and tagline - which we could then apply to brand guidelines, website and core business materials like business cards. 

After that - it was time to party, so we helped with a logo launch video and yummy takeaways for True Title clients and friends. 

True Title's logo represents strength, security, and the "key" to closing.

True Title Website

• Messaging Development


• Logo Development

• Typeface/Palette Development

• Website Development

• Brand Guidelines

• Marketing Communication Strategy

• Marketing Collateral Templates

     Ecomms, Stationery, Social Media

     Branded Merchandise


The town of Grand Lake is one of our favorites, so we were thrilled when they approved the formation of a creative district - and even more excited when we were asked to create the brand foundation for them. The group supports and presents creative and cultural events in the town and does so in partnership with multiple other organizations, so their logo needed to be unique while also working in conjunction with their partner groups and the town. 

GLCD banner

The logo for the Creative District echoes the colors and spirit of the charming and inspirational lakefront setting of Grand Lake.

Once the look and tone of the brand were established, we were able to develop a series of print and digital templates for the Creative District to use for their programmed events, and we topped it all off with a comprehensive, turn-key communication strategy that their staff and volunteers can implement. 


• Messaging Development


• Logo Development

• Typeface/Palette Development

• Brand Guidelines

• Marketing Communication Strategy

• Marketing Collateral Templates

     Ecomms, Flyers, Posters, Print Ads, Digital             Ads, Social Media 


When a well-known leadership expert decided to build her own firm, she had a reputation, a vision, and a clear plan. But she was stuck when it came to creating the name, look and feel for her new venture - a leadership and organizational development consulting firm. 


We worked the founder to really understand her mission and target clientele. Starting with the naming process, we recommended dozens of options that all had meaning and importance to her. She settled on Greenmeadow Group, an English translation of her new married name.

"From the first phone call to the launch of my new business, S&D made me feel comfortable and confident in every step of the process. Their approach is warm and welcoming. The process was so much fun I've already recommended them to several other businesses. I am so proud of my branding outcomes and highly recommend S&D!" 

-Kim Gruenauer

Founder, Greenmeadow Group


Greenmeadow Group's logo conveys the straightforward honest nature of its founder while hinting at a new horizon.

• Naming

• Logo Development

• Typeface/Palette Development

• Tagline Development

• Website Development Guidance

• Brand Guidelines


The Rocky Mountain Cable Association had been around for decades as a resource for education and networking for professionals across all kinds of entertainment and media companies. But they were pigeonholed  because of their name. As the telecommunication industry grew to include streaming and technology businesses, RMCA needed to evolve also - and reposition itself to stay relevant and increase membership.

Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 5.36.47 PM.png

The new logo represents the hive-like nature of the organization.

We renamed them Media+Tech Collective to more accurately reflect their current and potential membership. We added a geographic subhead so the group is able to grow to other cities and regions, and helped with messaging development including mission, vision, headlines and a tagline. We then created templates for marketing collateral for a turn-key solution for their internal team.

M+TC banner

• Messaging Development

    Mission Statement/Messaging

• Logo Development

• Typeface/Palette Development

• Tagline Development

• Brand Guidelines

• Marketing Collateral Templates

     Ecomms, Signage, Social Media, Direct Mail

LET'S build your brand.

Whether you're in need of an entirely new brand, a re-brand, or just a brand refresh, S&D has the people, process, and experience to create a strong identity that will resonate. Let's talk branding!

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