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As Phillip grows and grows…

Jill Lovett


From the moment we brought Phillip home we started observing his every move. This was a new situation and still a lot of unknowns for us. How would he do on walks? Will he get around the house ok? How will he do on the stairs? After a few days observing him we noticed some things we could change to help him out – we made sure there were plenty of area rugs on the hardwood floors and non-slip surfaces for him. He was a clumsy puppy, but even more so with 3 legs. And as he got taller and bigger we bought raised dog dishes to help him while he ate. But all of those things were the easy changes. What was becoming more and more apparent as he got bigger and taller was that we would eventually need to find him a long-term option to help him get round better.

Sure he could do everything that our other dog Mika could do – walk, jump, run, and climb – but he didn’t have as much stamina as her and would tire easy. The worst part when he got tired was that he would start to drag his back half and his partial leg would hit the ground and get a little nick. We came up with some homemade sock/nylon inventions to protect his partial leg from opening up but those were a HUGE fail. They would fall off the instant we had them on him or Phillip would take them off himself. Eventually we realized there wasn’t really an easy fix to help Phillip. His real problem was how he was carrying his weight and that’s why he was injuring his partial leg. We needed something much more sophisticated and a whole lot more professional than my old nylons and socks. We needed to get Phillip a prosthetic.

– Jill Hansen