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Myspace is back and it’s full of hipsters. I dig it!

Shane G

After reading an article; “Myspace Re-launches With $20 Million Ad Campaign”, in AdWeek

I have come to a couple of conclusions.  1. Myspace is back and it’s full of hipsters.  2. The value of a $20 Million dollar campaign can be effective and not annoyingly over the top. 

I love that they say Myspace’s target audience is “creative individuals” and a focus on “music”.  The CEO’s then go on to say “the site goes beyond tunes to encompass all the creatives involved in the process, including songwriters, photographers and music video directors.”  That may be true but let’s keep it real for a minute…Myspace from what I remember was full of drunken teenagers messaging each other based on a photo, or fighting with their significant otherbecause an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend came up on their “favorites” list.  Yes? No? Maybe? In an attempt to dig deeper, I tried logging into my old Myspace account.  Not only could I not remember my username, but I couldn’t even remember the email address I had listed on the account.  Without either of those my account is lost forever…oh well. It’s probably better that way.  After all I am a married lady now.  I probably had a kissy faced picture up on that thing and for sure pretended I was into music when in all reality I only listen to country and rap. (Don’t ask)

After watching both Myspace reel’s I might have changed my tune a bit on this new fancy version!  Pharrell andJustin Timberlake might have played a slight roll in my decision but whatever works right? I love the diversity and controversy (in some people’s eyes) that these ads are working with!  There are so many topics covered, people from all walks of life, and an upbeat song that makes you want to be a rock star!  Then they end with the tag “Welcome to the Neighborhood”.  Time to strap on your hipster gear and just embrace it people.  Myspace is back!  Here are a few hipster inspired links that might ease you into your transition…