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Facebook Reaches 1 Million Advertisers


Facebook Reaches 1 Million Advertisers

Shane G

On Tuesday, June 18th something pretty cool happened. Facebook announced they have reached 1 million active advertisers. 1 million different advertisers putting recommended posts and little button ads all over your news-feed. I thought it would be fun to compare some other million milestones and how long each took to achieve.


So what does the 1 million mark mean for us humble Facebook addicts? Well advertisers are hoping that things like having over 1 million “Likes” is a perceived value to consumers. Do you place a value on things, such as “Likes” and “Views” and “Followers”? There are about 1 million active advertisers on Facebook that hope you do.

    1. First US city to reach 1 million on population – New York City, 1845. This was 221 years after the city was founded in 1624 as a trading post.
    2. In light of a recent hockey game I think I should point out that Chicago reached 1 million in 1890 only 53 years after it was incorporated in 1837.
    3. Nolan Ryan was the first professional athlete to earn 1 million a year, not counting endorsement deals. This occurred after the 1979 season, 14 years after being drafted by the Mets in 1965. (There is some speculation if Ryan was actually the first athlete to do this but since we share a name I’m sticking with him)
    4. Joe LoCicero became the first person to officially rack up 1 million miles in a Honda; his 1990 Honda Accord hit the milestone in 2011, only 21 years after he drove it off the lot.
    5. Celebrity Ashton Kutcher was the first person to reach 1 million followers on Twitter. That figure is now at over 14 million followers. Looking at my own Twitter account I figure it will take me over 500 years to reach 1 million, better get started.