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Since 1997, S&D Marketing | Advertising has been creating effective, customized and scalable solutions for our clients’ marketing and advertising needs.



"It’s not the strongest of the species that survives…it is the one most adaptable to change." – Charles Darwin

Bravo Charles. In our industry especially, those that reject new methodologies are thrown aside like VHS players.* Change is not just inevitable; it should be embraced.

So, how do we remain so adaptable? It starts by a refusal to compartmentalize our agency. It may have worked in the past, but it’s an archaic way of thinking. 

We don’t do advertising, or marketing, or project management. We don’t have specialists who are afraid to move out of their comfort zone. We do whatever the project demands, across every channel necessary. It’s an ever-evolving response to every client’s request. And it’s why we’ve been in business since 1997. This isn’t survival of the fittest; it’s evolution of the smartest.


*Soon to be DVD players, Blu-ray players, and eventually, digital video. Isn't progress great?


Comcast has partnered with S&D on various projects for over 10 years. Our working relationship started with test projects that quickly became national endeavors for Comcast. The staff at S&D currently supports us with project management on our National Welcome Kit which encompasses over 650 versions.
— Lisa Gross | Executive Director, Marketing Operations

Our S&D account team helps us develop well thought-out marketing strategies on the front end, which translates to creative tactics and execution for our campaigns, ads and marketing materials. They’ve stepped-up on short notice to help us with some effective, and fun, marketing projects.
— Laura Nelson | Marketing Director, Centura Health at Home

The S&D team has been an invaluable contributor to the growth and success of Comcast’s Self-Install Operations initiatives. As Self-Install has become the preferred option of installation for Comcast’s customers, with their expertise and experience S&D has been integral in supporting the growing number of products and tactics necessary to continue to drive growth and adoption within the Self-Install business.
— Michael Hartzell | Senior Product Manager | Self-Installation Kit Operations

Frederic Printing has enjoyed a lengthy partnership with S&D and worked over these many years to develop state-of-the-art solutions for large-scale projects that are constantly changing, growing and evolving. We’ve often had to quickly modify the very complex processes to incorporate changes but do so without dramatically impacting costs or risking quality control systems. The team of experts at S&D truly understand the complexity what we do here at Frederic Printing and so, together, we are able to satisfy their clients’ needs swiftly and effectively, as well as efficiently.
— Robert Moore | Vice President | Frederic Printing